Project Overview

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, causing 1 in 6 deaths. If cancer is diagnosed at early stage, it is highly likely to be treated successfully. Once it has grown and spread, therapy is vastly more difficult and costly, and survival rate drops rapidly. Screening is a vital healthcare element for early detection but suffers from burdens of cost, capacity, compliance, and detection sensitivity problems.
BiomStrip introduces a pioneering screening solution that can carry out cancer screening in the fashion of the common pregnancy tests. Building on our recent breakthrough results in biomarker validation granting TRL6 stage, we have designed a diagnostic device that is low-cost, non-invasive, accurate, can be handled by consumer, and bought over-the counter.

The diagnostic method is based on detecting dysbiosis of gut microbial flora, a highly sensitive indicator of pathophysiological processes able to selectively show disease onset at super-early stage, even before histological changes are observable. The method is ultimately able to detect most cancer types and even other diseases, making it a future platform technology.

The disruptive approach offers to transform cancer screening from top-down to bottom-up: empowering patients, gradually alleviating healthcare systems large effort and sums spent on preventive cancer diagnostics, and drastically improving therapeutical effectiveness.